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Contact Babel ICG Remote Working

NEW!! The Inner Circle Guide to Contact Centre Remote Working Solutions

This analyst report by Contact Babel explores
how businesses are continuing to run contact centres in an environment
decimated by COVID-19.

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5 Ways To Improve Contact Centre Performance

There are two facets to looking at WEM. From the contact centre’s
perspective – how we can improve our engagement with our agents?
And from the agent’s perspective – how does the company help me
to improve my working life?
Find out here what will really help you engage effectively with your workforce.


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real-time management

Real-Time Management: Gaining Real Efficiencies In Your Contact Centre

“Identifying idle time, whilst protecting service levels, is like finding free money.”

The complexity of manually managing the daily real-time activities leaves contact centres struggling with poor customer experiences and inefficient staff utilisation, resulting in increased costs of doing business. In this paper read about the 9 steps to do proactive real-time management and the benefits that an automated process brings to deliver striking improvements to your key stakeholders.

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How Intraday Automation Can Help Your Call Centre

“Companies who have adopted automated intraday management achieve annual revenue growth 3x greater than those who haven’t.”

Intraday Automation keeps call centres on top of daily events that threaten performance; given the team a “heads up” on potential problems before they happen so staff redeployment can be carried out to control the outcome. Many contact centres believe they already have intraday management functionality however there are common misconceptions between workforce management (WFM), real-time adherence (RTA) and intraday management. Find out if your centre is already doing this and see independent data comparing Users vs. Nonusers.

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5 Ways To Improve Contact Centre Performance

“For busy managers, unlocking this type of insight can be a real challenge.”

For many contact centres, crucial performance information seems to be locked away behind barriers. On a daily basis, managers are forced to battle with complicated jargon-filled dashboards, too detailed performance reports, and an array of targets that may not even suit their contact centre. Find out in this paper which metrics to choose, how to set the right targets for KPIs and how to effectively measure metics.

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