The age old argument; chips or fries, pavement or sidewalk, trousers or pants. There is a minefield of national language variations between the UK and the US but are they the same? Yes! Real-Time Management and Intraday Management roles are essentially the same on both sides of the pond.

Contact centre job boards in the UK are awash with Real-Time Analyst roles. Companies look for candidates who understand call trends with the ability to extract and analyse data to improve customer service experience. Typically their main duties include:

  • Driving schedule adherence compliance activity
  • Entering and reporting on agent schedule and exception activity
  • Providing performance reports relating to scheduling, service level, agent performance and actual staffing levels by activity and grade
  • Providing a communication service to team leaders and managers [1]

Intraday Management roles advertised in the US job boards mirror UK Real-Time Analyst job. Their main duties include:

  • Analysing real time service level impacts and take action
  • Maximising call centre performance through intraday analytical skills
  • Communicating all performance impacts to operational management
  • Conducting skill set analysis and call profiling [2]

Both Real-Time and Intraday Management roles focus on reducing the impact of performance threats to contact centres. They re-balance each day’s workload with the available human resources to achieve customer service expectations and safely mop-up agent idle time to ensure more productive work is done whilst protecting service levels.

Completing the complex tasks required is a challenge. Many contact centres are hiring more and more staff to undertake the manual tasks, hence all the job postings on both sides of the Atlantic. Other companies are deploying real-time automation tools to support their teams and enjoy significant benefits: improved customer experience, improved agent utilisation and improved profitability [3].

Whether you know it as Real-Time Management or Intraday Management, creating efficiencies in the processes by using automation is the next major improvement in contact centre daily management.

How Intraday Automation Can Help Your Call Centre



[3] Aberdeen Research Group: The Strategic Value of Intraday Management in the Contact Center