This week with The Forum we ran a Real-Time Workshop showing off the very latest Intraday Automation tool available in the UK. QStory provided the ‘Sandbox Contact Centre’ using real data and scenarios for attendees to get hands-on experience working as a real-time manager.

45 attendees from across a spectrum of industries; Financial Services, Insurance and Telecommunications worked together to take on a “Day In The Life” of real-time manager. Working through real-life scenarios attendees easily handled unexpected changes in forecast, dealt with lower than anticipated demand and identified ‘safe’ idle time to put to more productive use.

Feedback from attendees listed the simplicity and ease of use as a key benefit of using Intraday Automation tools in their contact centre.

“Really intuitive tool, easy to use, easy to see the impact that the actions have had” – Real-Time Analyst

The challenge showed that Intraday Automation tools allow teams to measure their impact on the efficiency of the centre and to help the business to value their contribution.

“Would help us to show the operation exactly what our job means” – Real-Time Team Leader

Working alongside the great team at The Forum, in particular Phil Anderson and Leigh McIlwaine the workshop helped deliver innovative insight and initiated lively discussion with all the attendees coming away with a T-Shirt naming them an ‘Intraday Champion’ to be worn proudly back in the office.

The QStory team looks forward to seeing some familiar faces at The Challenge Workshops, taking place throughout the UK in October, at the National Planning Conference 28th November and the National Insight Conference 29th November in Warwick.

For more information on ‘The QStory Challenge’ or to experience the QStory ‘Sandbox Contact Centre’, please contact Chris Gibson on 01483 685360 or email.

Real-Time Management White paper