We’ve compiled a short reading list of essential call centre resources, with the goal of helping managers to improve all aspects of performance. From agent engagement and retention, through to metrics and KPIs, the 6 books covered here offer a ton of helpful advice for all call centre managers to benefit from.

1) The Call Center Handbook

The Complete Guide to Starting, Running and Improving Your Call Center (5th Edition)

Book1Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned call centre veteran, it can sometimes pay to go back-to-basics, and revisit some fundamental topics. The Call Center Handbook covers essential strategies for setting-up your call centre, managing day-to-day operation as efficiently as possible, and identifying opportunities to improve performance. Since its first incarnation, the book has been updated 5 times – helping it stay popular, relevant and helpful for all call centre managers.

2) Managing and Motivating Contact Center Employees

Tools and Techniques for Inspiring Outstanding Performance from Your Frontline Staff

Book2As the adage goes, happy staff make for happy customers. Employee satisfaction is an often overlooked aspect of call centre performance, and as a result, many companies struggle with employee engagement and retention. This book is designed to remedy that situation, offering helpful strategies for creating a happy and productivity workforce.

3) Call Center Recruiting and New-Hire Training

The Best of Call Center Management Review (2nd Edition)

Book3Even with a happy workforce, call centres managers still face the need to attract, recruit and train skilled agents. An effective recruitment process can massively improve call centre performance, helping to reduce shrinkage and ensure that crucial service level targets are never missed. To help managers attract and train the best possible candidates, Call Center Recruiting and New-Hire Training compiles proven strategies for finding and developing a market-beating call centre workforce.

4) Building Call Center Culture

Strategies for Designing a World Class Performance-Based Environment Within Your Customer Contact Center

Book4Recruitment, retention and customer satisfaction are all affected by a single factor: the culture of your call centre. The way managers interact with agents, team leaders and supervisors will directly affect the ethos and goals of the call centre’s workforce: Building Call Center Culture is designed to show you how to capitalise on that, using real-world examples to develop an effective, performance-focused culture.

5) Project Management Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards

A Guide to Measuring and Monitoring Project Performance

Book5From Net Promoter Scores through to Service Level targets, metrics and KPIs are the most powerful performance-improving tool at your disposal. A Guide to Measuring and Monitoring Project Performance shows you how to get more from your metrics, and looks at how to accurately measure KPIs, evaluate crucial targets and improve your call centre’s dashboards.

6) 5 Ways to Improve Contact Centre Performance

Book6There are a ton of fantastic call centre resources available, but very little in the way of actionable, innovative ideas for improving performance. It’s for that reason we wrote our own eGuide – 5 Ways to Improve Contact Centre Performance. We understand the need for real insight, and not just superficial analysis, so the guide talks through 5 of the biggest (and most overlooked) opportunities for improving performance in your own call centre.


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