As part of my job, I introduce companies and individuals to our proposition. When I introduce the company QStory, people have heard the name and tend to think we are a WFM system or that we offer a part of what a WFM system offers such as Real-Time Adherence or Intraday Automation. People are often quite surprised to know that we don’t actually provide a WFM system.

As we get into further conversation, it’s clear that a number of WFM systems might claim to perform elements of what we do. Our customers tell us that our software is unique and lightyears ahead of its time. I compare it to the football analogy of the FA Cup. We are the Premier League when it comes to real-time automation whereas the other offerings are the plucky minnows who try and get a good result against the more accomplished team. Our software integrates with all contact centre technology, taking feeds from WFM, ACD, chat, social, LMS, QA etc. In fact, in addition to the tangible real-time automation benefits offered by our software (which I will cover in a moment); one of the main benefits that a number of our customers enjoy is how our software acts as a platform enabling all contact centre technology to speak to each other and have them all aligned (unaligned software is often the bain of existence for contact centre execs).

It’s a year since I wrote my first blog on how I saw the real-time automation market and so much has changed. In the past 12 months Real-Time Automation has really launched into the mainstream as more and more contact centres realise how much workforce automation pays off in terms of empowering their workforce, gaining efficiencies and providing outstanding ROIs. Organisations are taking charge of their contact centre operations by embracing automation in place of drowning in manual process to adjust their intraday workforce scheduling.

Here’s why you should consider Real-Time Automation for your contact centre:

– We automate short term and long term leave requests at the touch of a button. Agents and Team Leaders are able to receive an instant unbiased response to their holiday request within seconds using our state of the art Agent App. There is no need for the real-time team to be bogged down with these menial tasks.

– We automate break matches/shift slides/shift exchanges at the touch of a button.  No real-time team interference needed.

– Using our RTA (Real-Time Adherence) tool, out of adherence agents are displayed by exception and automated buzz notifications can be sent to them (there are other communication options as well). There is no longer a need for a Real-Time Analyst to spend his/her day making approximately 150 adherence calls per day.

– As agents are aware that they are being monitored closely for adherence, there is an increase in self-management from the agents.

– Lateness and sickness is automatically recorded with the data being fed back in to QStory, so that the real-time team have a complete to-the-second view of available resource.

– KPIs available in Real-Time. Agent KPI information is available in Real-Time meaning that they are able to self-manage themselves by seeing the metrics that they are being measured against and consequently work to improve their performance independently. It also means Team Leaders can save up to 10 hours per month as the data is right there and available immediately.

– Instead of planning in hours of shrinkage at the start of the month, we hugely reduce shrinkage by identifying on-the-day quiet periods where off-phone activities like training, team meetings and 1:1s can be completed.

– Using our patented algorithms, we can identify on the day when there are threats to service levels and make recommendations (such as moving agents from different queues or notifying home workers of available shifts) to ensure that those times are not as harmful as they could have been.

– Our state of the art MI and reporting tool, WhyDetector, will give the relevant contact centre stakeholders a complete view of performance in real-time of each department of the contact centre. The information given will identify any issues and explain in natural language why the problem/lack of problem exists. These automated reports can be emailed to anybody at any time automatically or accessed via any device as they are URL based.

QStory or Real-Time Automation is a business tool which will transform your contact centre. It will make the lives of those in the contact centre much easier, it will improve customer service levels no end and it will return a comprehensive ROI.

By Nino Reina

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