NewGen WFM[1] envisages a new model of just-in-time management where real-time demand meets real-time supply. Enabled by advances in mobility and self-service technology plus advances in algorithms and expert system developments, this evolution will benefit customers, the workforce and the company. There are many benefits by embracing the new technology; here are 3 which will have an early impact on contact centre’s performances:

  • Agents’ use of mobile devices to communicate with the real-time team to notify them of absences or late arrival, their availability for extra work if demand needs it and then accepting changes to their daily schedule. On a mobile app all these communications and changes are automatically updated in the management system. This new mobility meets agents’ needs, especially the millennials, for flexibility and control over their working lives. And the joy for the real-time team is that because it’s automated it keeps their administrative activities to a minimum.
  • Just-in-time management allows the real-time team to make informed decisions with visibility of the hours ahead and control of the process to ensure they get the best out of the day: best for the customers, best for the agents and best for the company.
  • Safe blending of front and back office activities will give agents more variety in their work whilst still ensuring service levels are met. Idle time becomes productive time, for example off-phone workloads are more efficiently completed. Improved productivity equals improved customer experience and ultimately improved company performance.

NewGen WFM evolution will challenge the traditional contact centre staffing model of fixed schedules, silo management of front and back office and fixed connectivity for agents. It’s a new paradigm to be embraced as it will improve the lives of agents, the experience of customers and profitability of companies. Donna Fluss of DMG Consulting confirms in her recent white paper that a key component of this is the adoption of intraday automation in the contact centre. QStory’s ARTI, an end-to-end Automatic Real-Time Intraday solution, is at the heart of this revolution.

How Intraday Automation Can Help Your Call Centre

[1] NewGen WFM: The Future of Contact Center Forecasting and Scheduling, DMG Consulting