Having staff work from home is great for staffing flexibility in a contact centre. There are some challenges to overcome however, and one of the most important is attendance and adherence management.

ATTENDANCE: I’ll start with the biggest threat to service level performance, attendance. If staff can start their ‘shift’ at any interval of the day, then they can also miss their start at any interval.

Instead of a few shift starts, contact centres will now have many, all through the day.

Contact centres need a fully automatic system to deal with this all day every day, 24/7.

A system that;

· Continuously monitors schedules and channels to spot when staff is missing

· Calculates the impact on current and future service levels

· That automatically communicates with missing staff to establish the facts

· That automatically contacts replacement staff, if necessary, to get them working

ADHERENCE: Of course, once someone turns up to work they can become unavailable for a variety of reasons. A dispersed workforce creates new challenges. Team leaders are elsewhere and there really is no way to have people walking the floors, ‘nudging’ staff, when those staff members are located at home.

The new paradigm needs continual adherence monitoring, analysis and communications. Automatically. 24/7.

By now, I’m sure you realise QStory has already got all the above sorted! This functionality has been available to our customers for a while and we’ll be delighted to help with its application immediately.

More to follow.


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