On Tuesday QStory enjoyed catching up with familiar faces and meeting new people in Eastwood at The Forum’s National Planning Conference.

The Forum events always promise to be an opportunity to gain useful insight into organisations’ progress in improving their contact centre’s performance. Once again Tuesday did not disappoint. There was a full day of engaging talks and company showcases from a variety of companies, including one of QStory’s customers, Quintin van der Merwe, Contact Solutions Manager at Telesure Group Services talking about how Budget Insurance, Auto and General and DialDirect’s real-time management has been transformed by implementing the latest technology in Real-Time Automation.

Kicking off the afternoon’s showcases, Quintin laid out the transformative success QStory’s ARTI has brought to Telesure and it’s customers: an ROI of over 275%, the near elimination of backlogs and significant increases in productivity through redeployment of agent idle time.


Chris Gibson from QStory demoing ART

Telesure, which manages a workforce of over 1500 seats in their contact centres, has ambitious goals to optimise their redeployment of agent idle time, continue to monitor and improve schedule adherence, and use automated reporting for hourly, daily and weekly queue performance across the company.

Quintin espoused ARTI which not only proved the value of Real-Time Automation but also achieved senior exec buy-in and contact centre team leader support as it gave them all better visibility and control whilst not infringing on their perception of ownership of the process and their teams.

QStory was proud to be a sponsor of Tuesday’s National Planning Conference.  We were delighted to see such dynamic discussions within the planning community paving the way for 2017 to be the year of not only excellent customer interactions but happier and more empowered call centre agents.