Having spent a few years working with contact centres of varying sizes on their CCaaS platform investment, it was only inevitable that I’d seek to work with a proposition and company who was all about doing things differently, and making very deliberate choices to change the general notion of WFO/WEM solutions in the contact centre industry. That is what it means to be a disruptor and one of the main reasons I chose to join QStory.

Notwithstanding their fabulous company culture rooted heavily in product innovation and customer centricity, QStory were creating value for their customers, long before real-time intraday automation started moving mainstream. I’m always interested in what the actual value is to those end users in the contact centre and the more I speak to actual customers and see real life cases of the solution in action – I’m floored. Customers report soaring ROI, efficiencies, reduction in operation costs and a more engaged workforce. Things they have only achieved with the addition of QStory to the mix! Essentially they have levelled up!

Although not a WFM solution, QStory have always had real time understanding and connection to traditional WFM systems. By using intelligence from the WFM environment, QStory makes decisions based on the information derived, to enable contact centres to make the right decisions, at the right time. With an impressive list of enterprise clients, many who are well known household names, I knew I had to join.

It was only last year in 2019, that Gartner launched a new magic quadrant for WEM, signally the evolution from WFO to WEM. It’s clear as the market moves towards increased levels of WEM adoption, contact centres will be assessing what a possible technology refresh will look like for them. This is why it’s so exciting to join QStory at this point in their growth journey. As contact centres continue to shift towards employee engagement, the battleground on which solutions compete just got hotter. As a marketer that’s an exciting prospect!

QStory cultivates a culture of disruption, not only with their product but with how they run their business. Ingenuity, nimbleness and vision are the core components of their culture. There is a real opportunity to initiate change if you desire and to grow on a professional and personal level. It’s time for me to level up too!

By Naila Basit

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