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ARTI, Automated Real-Time Intraday, from QStory is a cloud-based full-suite of Intraday Management tools or Intraday Automation as it’s sometime known in the UK. ARTI automates the daily contact centre management process with:

  • Smartphone app for communicating with every agent
  • Managers’ Heads-Up with projected under and over staffing for each time unit of the day
    • Recommendations on which agents can be moved to cover workload peaks
    • Identification of agent idle time during quiet periods so it can be better utilised
  • ROI “What If” analysis to make the best of the situation
  • Real-time attendance automated “nudges” to ensure agents stick to their schedule
  • Automated reporting on not just what happened, but why it happened – within seconds of getting the data
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Isn’t Our Real-Time Team Already Doing This?

Senior managers may think they have intraday management because they have Workforce Management (WFM) and a team of analysts managing Real Time Adherence (RTA). Intraday Automation is different:

  • WFM vs. Intraday Automation:
  • Intraday starts where WFM finishes. It adapts staff deployment on the day to deal with the difference between forecasts and actual call volumes, and scheduled and actual staff attendance.
  • RTA vs. Intraday Automation
  • Schedule adherence tells you if you have a problem with staff right now. Intraday tells you whether you will have a staffing problem in 30 minutes or 2 hours.

How does ARTI help?

ARTI takes today’s schedule from the WFM system. Within seconds of agents notifying ARTI that they are in, running late or staying home sick ARTI gives you a Heads-Up on how this will affect your day. Will you have more or less agents than expected? What does that mean to your coverage and projected service levels?

When the ACD starts sending calls to your agents ARTI measures the actual workload against the forecasted workload. Along with the actual number of agents available ARTI works out what the rest of the day is going to look like. ARTI will recommend which agents need to be moved to cover peak periods when service level is at risk.

ARTI is able to identify the safe idle time for agents and knows whether the agents have training priorities that need to be completed, meetings to attend or whether they can assist on off-phone activities. Being able to use these safe idle hours for agents increases the productivity of the contact centre.

ARTI handles all the agent communications through it’s app. Changes to schedules are updated in the WFM system. It’s all done effortlessly and effectively.

ARTI finds time

In a financial services 160-seat customer service call centre ARTI made 600 changes to staff deployment in the week [1] and recovered 416 man-hours of idle time.

These hours were re-used

  • Extra Training Time 116 man-hours for extra staff training on new financial legislation requirements
  • Off-Phone Work 150 man-hours to clear off-phone backlogs, over extra 1000 emails done
  • Back-Office Work 110 man-hours to clear back office backlog, nearly 700 account updates completed
  • Time-Off as Rewards 20 top performers had 2 hour “early-off” rewards to start the weekend early on Friday afternoon

ARTI provided real-time monitoring which moved staff when necessary to maintain service levels so customers were happy.

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[1] Data from financial services 160 agent customer service call centre operating from 0730 – 1800 weekdays and 0800 – 1400 on Saturdays