Do you feel like a glorified admin person? Are you doing boring repetitive tasks? Do you feel that you could contribute far more to your organisation if only you had less of those tedious tasks?

For many contact centres the relations between the real-time team and operations can be a struggle. With adherence updates streaming throughout the day, ops often don’t consult the real-time team when taking agents off a queue to give them a break or to do training. Without the visibility of what the forecasted workload looks like, the result can be a disaster and affect Service Levels and the customers’ experience. Leaving real-time teams to do jobs for someone else (often doing something they could be doing themselves!). Days can become centred around administrative tasks such as compiling information for payroll purposes and making sure that changes and actions requested by others are carried out.

Neither of these jobs are adding value to the company or to you. If your impact can be measured, then you can be valued.  QStory allows teams to measure their impact on the efficiency of the centre, therefore helping the business to value their contribution.

“Wow, this would help us to show operations exactly what our job means” – Real-Time Analyst, Insurance Company

We come across this statement time and time again and it’s exactly what we aim to do, create better contact centres with happier customers served by happier staff. QStory’s Intraday Automation solution, ARTI™ has been created to help Team Leaders, Quality Assurance professionals and Coaches to book agreed assignments – coaching sessions, 1-2-1’s back-to-work interviews, training – at times that suit them and, most importantly, the business. Working to give users the most up to date view of Demand and Supply and make sure that agent availability is utilised to improve productivity whilst protecting service level performance and the customer experience.

Intraday Automation is a vital tool to ensure every level of the organisation is involved and empowers the real-time team to redefine their roles, to make their own decisions based on their priorities, and enables them to demonstrate to the business their true worth, not just as a booking service.