Santa is coming to town and he waits for no one! Getting time to do everything we want to do; whether it’s taking time to see friends and relatives, going shopping with our family, preparing for everyone to visit or attending (plus sometimes recovering from…) the annual office party, it makes for a very festive holiday season.

At the same time, many call centres in the retail, logistics and personal finance sectors are enduring their busiest time of year. The run up to the festive holiday season can still be a great time of year even for really busy call centres’ staff. Here are five suggestions that help to put your agents first this Christmas:

1) Identify Quiet Days

Preparation is key to managing performance over December. Even call centres in particularly busy industries will have quieter-than-average days; and if you’re able to pro-actively identify these days in advance, they represent a great opportunity to give staff time off to get their shopping done.

2) Prioritise Staff with the Most Annual Leave

Nobody wants to see their leave disappear because they couldn’t carry it over to next year. If you see a chance to give some agents time off, it makes sense to prioritise the staff with the most annual leave.

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Send People Home

If call volumes during the day are less than you had expected, don’t shy away from capitalising on it. By already knowing which staff have the most annual leave left, and having identified which agents are happy to go home on a moment’s notice, you can be prepared for these situations.

4) Soften Your Service Level Targets

In some call centres, it may be possible to soften service level targets over the Christmas period. In these cases, a small change to targets can have a large impact on agent wellbeing. This reduces staff requirements and, providing it doesn’t have a major negative impact on customer service, it can put the “festive” back into the season for many agents who get extra time off.

5) Communicate from the Get-Go

The busy call centre needs to pull together over the holiday season. By letting everyone know early on that you will be looking for chances for agents to take leave, the agents will be prepared to take those chances at short notice when they appear. It’ll help everyone to have a very merry Christmas.


And a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from the QStory team.

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