I’m seeing signs of people getting used to their new reality, or at least the current version of it; the small number of unstocked shelves in my local supermarkets – even toilet paper was available – was a pleasant surprise this weekend.  It dissuaded me from buying anything I didn’t need immediately and that’s surely a sign of some normalcy?

So, I’ve decided it’s probably time for QStory to start talking with the contact centre industry again.  We haven’t been talking for a few weeks because we know the industry has been fully occupied coping with sudden forced change.

At our core, QStory innovates.  Not by overcoming the greatest challenges facing humankind, but by solving the problems we see in front of us.  Right now, our focus is on helping contact centres cope with surges in customer demand and transitioning to a blend of home-based and on-site employees.

  • Our goal is to make managing a blend of home and on-site based staff as simple as, or simpler than, managing a 100% on-site contact centre
  • Our goal is also to enable home-based employees access to the same support, or better, as they would actually on-site

As it happens, QStory has been working on these problems for over a year. A pure coincidence, but there it is.  We’ve been continuously adding to our ‘Work At Home’ package for at least 12 months!  

Our latest addition, in response to customer requests, is our fully Automated Overtime Manager.  Once overtime is planned, it’s configured quickly on our workforce agility platform and ‘click’… it’s done.  QStory manages everything automatically, from initialising communications to reconciliation and payroll.

I’m posting about this now because I know COVID-19 is disrupting everyone’s lives and this tool can help contact centres a little by reducing the effort involved in maximising ‘all hands on deck’.

The functionality will automatically be available to our customers this week and we’ll be delighted to help with its application.  

More to follow.


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