We are in uncharted territory with this ever evolving Coronavirus situation. After our CEO Paddy Coleman made the decision to adopt ‘social distancing’ to protect and support employees, we were inundated with questions and a general sense of curiosity as to how we were going to support our employees and customers – if we were all working from home. As a business devoted to cloud technology, we were not too worried and we have already successfully transitioned to 100% home-based operations. Whilst homeworking is not suitable for every company or industry, here is how we intend to make it work in the interim: 

  1. Dawn Chorus: Working from home can be lonely, so we ensure that the QStory team have a daily catch-up on video calls. The entire company joins to check in and have a bit of a natter. This gives us that much needed social interaction and support during these stressful times! Also we are all a bit curious about our co-workers’ workspaces and webcam set-up. Moving forward, we are going to explore virtual coffee mornings and games meetings or even a virtual pub on a Friday afternoon – to make it fun, playful and to maintain our strong company culture.
  2. Online Meetings: Our customers are important to us and although we are currently avoiding handshakes and physical meetings for the short term (we hope) we can still have great meetings online, with video. Thankfully all of our customers are in agreement and are delighted with the flexibility we can offer them.
  3. Supporting our customers: Many of our customers are already using QStory to help empower and successfully manage their home working population. For those who are just starting on this journey, we are providing our support and expertise to guide them as quickly as possible to a successful implementation.

This is an unsettling time for us all. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate, businesses will be anything but normal over the coming months. We are empowering our employees and customers by giving them what they need to work from home. It’s important to remain calm and make short and long term plans. In the meantime build and share your culture online. 

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