Homeworking is one of those subjects that comes up year after year for contact centre managers. Long seen as a critical emerging trend, remote agents should be the future of all contact centre operations. Whilst some companies have shown a little reluctance to accept flexible working, the Coronavirus outbreak means that all companies will have to explore ways in which to mitigate the impact the virus has on their workforce.

Our COO, Fiona Coleman highlights, “Many of our customers have embraced homeworking as a key strategy for their business, long before the Coronavirus appeared last year. The flexibility that the QStory solution gives their agents, with the transparent level of management to their team-leaders and managers has made the transition painless. It’s also improved customer experience and improved employee engagement along with reducing their costs. It’s a triple winner for them.”

Whilst Coronavirus may create many lasting changes in the workplace, homeworking has always seemed to be, for many contact centres the perfect set-up. We will continue to support our customers and employees with flexible working.

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