Holiday Management

Relax, holidays are taken care of

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Automated Holiday Approval (AHA) automates, simplifies and enhances the contact centre holiday booking process, giving agents an immediate response to their request and removing all of the associated manual workload for the planning team.
AHA manages the holiday quota, allowing agent’s requests to be approved, declined or referred for further consideration, making decisions based on simple rules that are configured to the Company’s specifications.

AHA works with the rest of QStory’s ARTI™ suite of tools to optimise idle time and ensure leave quotas are utilised during the year, preventing a huge end-of-year leave problem.  There’s no bias of a holiday administrator allocating holiday times and the reason behind every decision is immediately available to the agent.  Rules and processes are transparent to everyone making the process fair, reducing the anxiety and concerns around who gets the leave at peak times.

Speed up the Holiday Management process with the QStory Agent App;

• Instant, accurate view of resourcing

• Reduced workload for team/leaders, RTAs and WFM

Increased Agent Empowerment with ability to ‘own’ key processes

Increased Agent experience with rapid responses

• Massive reduction in manual admin of leave