3 things you can do today to make your contact centre fly

Sometimes I think, in our industry we make up new catch-phrases and special terms just so we look like we are innovating to meet the desires of customers and to look after our contact centre agents. But sometimes, I think we are fooling ourselves, and often old technology with a few little tweaks is being relabelled or dressed up to look new and exciting, or at least it looks like what the competition is offering, even if it doesn’t really do what’s promised.

When something comes along that is really new, innovative and potentially disruptive, the hype can be met with scepticism, but when companies actually see the new technology and use it, they start saying things like:

“This is a game changer”

“I’ve been waiting for someone to solve these problems”

“It’s opened my eyes to what is possible”

…. then we know this is proper innovation in our industry.  Let me tell you three things our customers experience, which if you embrace this innovative technology it will make your contact centre performance take-off:

  1. Automatically find the available time in your schedules so agents can be (automatically) re-deployed for more productive work, or training. Oh, and don’t worry, it will also keep the service level safe
  2. Meet agents’ training programmes with ease, which improves CX, empowers the agents and takes any regulatory nightmares you might have off the table
  3. Reduce planned shrinkage by 5% because you use automatic adaptive scheduling to ensure coaching, training, 1:1 meetings, team meetings can all happen within the week. And this saves the company huge amounts of money.

Disruptive, innovative, ground breaking technology shouldn’t be feared if it is in fact disruptive, innovative and ground breaking – it must be embraced to make our industry deliver better experiences for our customers and a better work experience for the operatives working in our contact centres. Get these two things right, and save your company money.  You’ll be an industry Superhero. You’d be insane not to.

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