When you have valuable high net worth customers, can it really be “top service at any cost?”  

Looking after high net worth customers happens in sectors of the finance industry and often in the mobile phone sector. For these organisations client experience is everything, often their contact centres are “high-touch” environments so it’s critical to get the personal service right.

There are different strategies to look after these customers including: ‘throwing people at the problem’, encouraging longer than average handling times (AHT), employing highly educated staff and not giving them scripts, letting them deal with the customer’s problems as the agent sees fit.

One element to make these strategies work, is to trained staff really well. And one of the real dilemmas experienced by high-touch contact centres is how to create time in the staffs’ schedules for all the training they need to stay on top of their products, industry regulations and processes.

One way to safely create time in agents’ daily schedules whilst still keeping service levels as high as they need to be, is to implement automated real-time management tools, such as ARTI from QStory.  ARTI predicts how the day is unfolding without putting the service level at risk, it identifies the idle time that is expected and recommends which agents can be redeployed to do training.

In one organisation, an insurance company with 160 agents, ARTI has been able to “find and re-deploy” over 400 man-hours of idle time a month in the organisation’s contact centre whilst still keeping the service levels high. If all this time had been used just for training, each agent could receive more than 2.5 hours of extra training during the month over and above their scheduled training [1].  The customers would still be very happy with their ability to contact the company because service levels were maintained and the extra unplanned training could be completed within normal hours and not incurring any overtime costs.

With Real-Time Automation tools there is no struggle to get on top of training. So it’s top service, not at any cost, but with efficient cost-effective management.

How Intraday Automation Can Help Your Call Centre

[1] Data from financial services 160 agent customer service contact centre operating from 0730-1800 weekdays and 0800-1400 on Saturdays.