About Paddy Coleman

Co-Founder and product architect. Paddy is a seasoned entrepreneur, with a solid knowledge of Contact Centres, excelling in design and development of Workforce Planning solutions. He is an out the box thinker and exceeded all expectations with a recent innovative Management information solution designed to make sense of contact centre and planning matrix. Very focused on what his customer wants, he is flexible in designing fit for purpose solutions. This is Paddy’s 3rd new business, his first, ParaMine, software for the mining industry in Africa was sold to Caterpillar, his second, Payg IT (now called Customer Service Engineering (PTY) Limited) operating in Africa and the Middle East pioneered SaaS in 2001 offering contact centres monthly subscription for their workforce planning software. The company has run successfully for 15 years and continues to do so in South Africa.

The Hidden Costs of Workforce Management Software

By |May 11th, 2015|Workforce Management|

The costs of owning and operating workforce management (WFM) software aren’t always clear. To help you get the most from your software, and minimise its costs, we’re looking at the Total Cost of Ownership for WFM software - and identifying the hidden costs that many businesses struggle to recognise.

Are WFM resource planners really wasting 50% of their time?

By |March 24th, 2015|Workforce Management|

What industry employs people to tell other people what’s just happened right in front of them? No, I was not thinking of a NASA space walk or military command talking soldiers though a night-time assault. I am referring to the contact centre industry where untold man hours are spent reporting back on what has just happened. A recent report by Interactive Intelligence Inc seems to share my concerns that the industry is spending too much time and effort reporting and not enough acting.

Help! My WFM dashboard is like my car warning lights

By |March 5th, 2015|Workforce Management|

Ok, here’s a test for you motorists. Imagine you are driving along when suddenly this sign lights up on your dashboard. Can you tell me what it means?

Reports of the death of voice in Contact Centres have been greatly exaggerated

By |January 15th, 2015|Contact Centres|

The contact centre business is losing its voice- literally. Over the next two years, digital interactions will replace voice calls as the main form of customer engagement, according to the latest research by Dimension Data. So what does this means for the contact centre world? Will the phones stop ringing with all staff redeployed as [...]

Apple Made $18 billion Profit in 3 Months, But This Is What They Taught Me

By |October 14th, 2014|Technology|

I was babbling on about speech analytics, when Gayle stopped me in my tracks. “I want less, not more.” I immediately shut up and blushed. But I soon realised she was not referring to my blarney, but the surfeit of data that proliferates in contact centres. Having spent most of my career fitting contact centres [...]