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Co-Founder, business planning and marketing. Fiona brings together her experience of working in large corporations for 20 years in marketing, M&A and corporate strategy, and 10 years of working in entrepreneurial businesses.

Press Release: QStory and SKWeston partner to bring the industry THE essential management tool

By |June 10th, 2019|Contact Centres, News|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 7th, 2019 Guildford, UK QStory Limited  today announced SKWeston & Company (SKW) as a global reseller of their suite of award winning, cloud-based intraday automation solutions. SKW provides consultancy to contact centers worldwide, focusing on customer interaction and workforce optimization.  Through a suite of professional services around the optimisation of a [...]

Press Release: Vintegrity partners with QStory

By |May 31st, 2019|News|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 31st, 2019 Guildford, UK QStory Limited  today announced Vintegrity Partners LLC as a global reseller of their suite of award winning, cloud-based Intraday Automation solutions. Vintegrity Partners provides best-of-breed Workforce Optimization (WFO) software solutions for Contact Centres across the world.  Their full suite of offerings includes sales, customised system design, engineering [...]

Don’t Believe The Hype! Let’s Talk Real Innovation.

By |April 30th, 2019|Blog, Contact Centres, Intraday Management, Real Time Management, WEM|

  3 things you can do today to make your contact centre fly Sometimes I think, in our industry we make up new catch-phrases and special terms just so we look like we are innovating to meet the desires of customers and to look after our contact centre agents. But sometimes, I think we are [...]

4 crucial things to safeguard your CX

By |March 29th, 2019|Blog, Contact Centres, Intraday Management|

It's a challenging time for our industry, even without trying to work out how we manage our businesses in the midst of the Brexit debacle in the UK.  The pressure on companies to compete in a world where customer preferences, workforce demands and technology is shaking up all the factors on which we have historically based [...]

QStory announces new Affiliate Program for WFM consultants

By |June 14th, 2018|Press Release|

WFM Consultants QStory announced the creation of a new global partner program that will allow contact center Workforce Management (WFM) consultants to easily leverage QStory's suite of award winning, cloud-based Intraday Automation solutions in their customer environments. The Affiliate Partner program is designed specifically for Contact Center or WFM consultants who are looking [...]

Many Things Have Changed in Contact Centres – But This Hasn’t

By |December 14th, 2017|Blog|

Let’s take a walk down memory lane... If you’re old enough, try to remember what the world was like when contact centres were new and shiny back in the 80’s. Often overlooked was the relationship between the customer and the business and how one could benefit the other. The call centre required a level of [...]

Contact Centre Tug-of-War – Who’s In Charge Of Real-Time Management?

By |February 28th, 2017|Blog|

Many companies have a continuous struggle between the real-time monitoring team and operations. Whilst adherence updates stream throughout the day, ops often do not consult the real-time team when taking agents off a queue to give them a break or to do training. Without the visibility of what the forecasted workload looks like, the result [...]

When Customer Experience Is Everything, Create Capacity For Training

By |October 11th, 2016|Blog|

When you have valuable high net worth customers, can it really be “top service at any cost?”   Looking after high net worth customers happens in sectors of the finance industry and often in the mobile phone sector. For these organisations client experience is everything, often their contact centres are “high-touch” environments so it’s critical [...]

Customer Experience Values Real-Time and Intraday Automation in Call Centres

By |July 20th, 2016|Blog|

The development of automated technology in the last decade has created levels of operational efficiencies and cost advantages that are now driving businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. Call centres have seen increasing adoption of automation to improve customer service, operational processes and technology challenges which are common across the industry. DimensionData’s “2016 Global [...]

Could Investing in Customer Experience Stem Job Losses?

By |March 10th, 2016|Blog|

With their announcement this week of an annual loss of £99 million it comes as little surprise that Npower have been forced to “simplify” their operations. One impact is the axing of 2 400 jobs in the UK and overseas. In recent years Npower have closed multiple UK offices, transferred their customer service to contact [...]

3 Ways to Balance Contact Centres’ Cost KPIs with Customer Experience

By |February 11th, 2016|Blog|

Maybe a few people will remember the early call centres in the UK in the mid 1960s – the Birmingham Press and Mail[1] is thought to be the first established. They were set up to reduce operational costs by centralising handling for individual communications. Today contact centres are still the centralised handling point for all individual [...]

Why Your Call Centre Can’t Hire a Real-Time Manager for £16k

By |November 5th, 2015|Blog|

If you spend time browsing job boards, there’s a great chance you’ll come across adverts for real-time managers, much like the ad I found: […]