In the UK we’re not used to a proper heatwave. This week it is hot, it’s really hot! It’s an official Heatwave.  And on days like these when the temperature rises, motivation might flag. How many of us are sitting at our desk looking out at the blue sky wishing we were out there and not in here?

Here are some quick tips to keep spirits up in the hot summer months:  

  1. Keep a look out for “quiet” days

In many contact centres there are quieter days throughout the summer.  Your WFM planning team will be able to identify these days in advance and it’s a great opportunity to give staff a day off to enjoy the sunshine. If you can’t justify “giving” staff a day off, make sure you capitalise on the leave that needs to be taken, so you don’t end up with big leave quotas by the end of the year. Encourage staff to take the day off; who doesn’t enjoy a day off in the lovely sunshine?

  1. Ease your service level target

In some call centres, it may be possible to soften service level targets over the summer months. A small change to targets can have a large impact on agent wellbeing. This reduces staff requirements and, providing it doesn’t have a major negative impact on customer service, it can put the fun back into the summer as more agents will be able to take leave.

  1. On a quiet afternoons, send people home

The natural day-to-day variability of  demand can lead to periods of the day where your resources are not being fully utilised. These ‘quiet periods’ when it’s a gorgeous sunny afternoon can provide businesses, who can identify it in a timely fashion, an opportunity to send staff home early.

This can be a nervy thing to do unless you’re absolutely sure demand isn’t going to suddenly spike – Real-Time Automation tools can give you this reassurance. And who won’t enjoy an early finish to chill out at home or at the park or if they’re lucky enough at the beach or river? When you are able to  give your employees unexpected time with their families and friends, they’ll feel you value them.

  1. Communicate!

Tell your team that you’ll be making these sunshine decisions so those staff who are up for quick changes to enjoy the summer can put their hand up. Often contact centre teams work in silos and have their own agendas so letting everyone know in advance that you plan to make last minute changes can really make a huge difference to morale, especially when the sun is out.

  1. Get outside with your team

Team meetings can be turned into team-building by taking everyone outside to the garden or even the carpark area.  You might have the additional expense of suntan lotion but the buzz afterwards in the call centre will lift everyone’s spirits.  

No one wants to risk the service level, so keeping that protected whilst quickly being able to identify idle time, can be achieved when your Real-Time team have access to Real-Time Automation tools so agents can enjoy the summer with mini “sunshine breaks”.  Real-Time Automation tools gives the team the power to balance the customer experience and the well-being of the agents.  With the tools you can capitalise on (unexpected) great summer weather to keep spirits up rather than them feeling work is taking away what might be the only sunshine we will get this year.  I’m hoping for a long summer with lots of “sunshine breaks”! What are the chances?

Real-Time Management White paper