The UK summer might technically be here but more often than not we see very little evidence. British workers are left with little choice but to book time-off and fly somewhere far away for some guaranteed sun.

This can present a problem for many contact centres as this is often the busiest time of the year for the travel, insurance and retail sectors. With absent staff, call centre agents are put under pressure to meet customer and company expectations. But the summer season can be still be enjoyed by those not escaping and a rewarding time of year for busy call centre staff. Here are 5 suggestions that can help to put your agents first this summer:

1. Keep a look out for “quiet” days

There will be inevitably be some quieter days throughout the summer and being able to predict these gives a great opportunity to give staff a day off to enjoy the sunshine.

2. Keep track of those with the most annual leave

Make sure for those identified “quiet” days the agent’s with the most annual leave are prioritised.

3. Send people home

If call volumes drop unexpectedly and the schedule has catered for a surplus, by knowing who has priority leave left and those who have volunteered to go home last minute, take advantage.

4. Ease your service level target

Small changes to targets can have an positive impact on agent wellbeing as it reduces staff requirements.

5. Communicate!

Let agents know in advance that you plan to make last minute changes, that way everyone is prepared and no-one gets caught short.

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