It’s a challenging time for our industry, even without trying to work out how we manage our businesses in the midst of the Brexit debacle in the UK.  The pressure on companies to compete in a world where customer preferences, workforce demands and technology is shaking up all the factors on which we have historically based business management: shareholder returns, profitability, cost management, customer service, managing the workforce.  Research has shown one of the biggest concerns of CEOs is now CX (customer experience), 81% of companies recognise CX as a competitive differentiator and the No. 1 most important strategic performance measure.

Rob Allman from Dimension Data recently suggested at the recent CXoutsourcers conference in Windsor a list of crucial things that the BPO industry needs to do to prepare for the changes in CX over the next 5 years:

  • Look at ‘appropriate automation’
  • Prioritise quality over quantity
  • Make Big Data small and actionable and
  • Never compromise on or underestimate the value of CX

We heartily agree with Rob.

So what can you do?

Automation transformation – Our customers have discovered automating their real-time manual processes has freed up huge amounts of time for their teams to be able to focus on the more important aspects of their jobs:

Highly recommend using [QStory] for managing a high volume of holiday requests. We have saved countless hours 

Global Capacity Manager, BPO 1

I used to spend my day making approximately 100-150 adherence calls per day. [Now] I only make about 5. This has left me free to concentrate on more important aspects of my job. 

Real-Time Analyst, Insurance company 1

The Real-Time Adherence tool is a life saver. What did we ever do before this?

Real-Time Analyst, BPO 2

Prioritise quality over quantity – Our software makes scheduling agents easy to ensure they are fully trained on all aspects of their job

We need to evidence 15 hours of FCS approved training per colleague per year. It was a massive challenge to get this done, and in fact we never did [before QStory], but now QStory handles it

Learning and development manager, Insurance company 1


Big Data made small – Our World-first AI driven reporting suite WhyDetector gives the whole company transparency on the data, telling not just what happened by why it happened, in easy simple language:

There is great buy-in from all parties and everyone is working with the same dataset so there are fewer disputes and challenges to deal with…… It’s so easy to use and it’s on everyone’s phone so there’s no reason for anyone not to know what’s happening.  

Head of Contact Solutions, Insurance company 2

And never compromise on or underestimate the value of CX – protect your service levels at all costs – make sure that the plan for the day will meet your needs and then no matter what happens during the day, you are agile and responsive to anything that crops up.  Get our full ARTI suite to make sure your day goes to plan

[Getting QStory] opened my eyes to what was possible. I’d be waiting years for someone to help solve these [real-time] problems.

Real-time Manager, Insurance company 3


QStory has made a massive difference for us. Sick leave has decreased by 2% [20% reduction of missing staff] 

Head of Contact Centre, Retailer


The results were dramatic. [Qstory] has been a real game changer. 

Head of Contact Solutions, Insurance company 2


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