With the cost of losing a single call centre agent comfortably clocking-in at over £50,000, employee turnover and agent attrition is a serious problem. If the traditional approach of increasing salaries or juggling shift patterns hasn’t worked, it’s time to take a more pro-active approach to the problem – with these 3 effective strategies for reducing agent attrition.

1) Use E-SATs to Understand the Root Causes of Attrition

Agent attrition isn’t a new phenomenon, and call centres have been trying to resolve this costly problem for decades. Unfortunately, these same call centres are often met with limited success, because of one simple problem: they don’t take steps to understand the problems at the heart of agent attrition.

It’s impossible to choose the right strategy for resolving employee retention issues without understanding what caused the problem in the first place. Whereas a small pay increase may remedy the problem in a handful of call centres, in other workplace environments, agents may be dissatisfied with working hours, a lack of training, or their inability to earn promotions. In these situations, a knee-jerk salary rise will do nothing but increase the call centre’s already high costs.

E-SAT surveys allow you an insight into your agent’s attitudes to work, and help highlight the problems which drive them away. By performing E-SATs on a regular basis, you can act upon issues before they translate into a mass exodus of employees.

2) Refine the Hiring Process

If agent attrition is a chronic problem for your call centre, it may stem from a recruitment issue. Recruitment and training processes can vary hugely from call centre to call centre, and in many cases, call centres are simply choosing the wrong candidates for the role.

Even with the right skill set, there’s no guarantee an agent is the right ‘fit’ for your own working environment. Personality, work attitude, ‘culture fit’ and communication skills are all just as vital as experience, and by vetting candidates a bit more thoroughly, it may be possible to significantly reduce the problem of agent attrition.

3) Provide Agents with the Right Tools for the Job

In many call centres, agents are being driven away because they lack the tools necessary to do their job. Your call centre’s choice of software affects every aspect of your agents’ day-to-day role, and a complicated and confusing dashboard can make their job much harder than it needs to be. Instead of overloading them with useless graphs and unclear statistics, take the time to design a dashboard with your agent in mind – one designed to give them the information they need to do their job properly.

Your choice of software can also help manage queues and call volumes. Features like visual queuing take minutes to set-up, but can work wonders for reducing queues to a manageable length. By implementing these basic features, you can help agents do their job more efficiently – improving productivity, and helping agents to earn the recognition they deserve for their hard work.

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