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Intraday Automation, raising performance in UK Contact Centres

It’s About Time…

To talk about Intraday Automation.

Research shows companies who have implemented Intraday Automation (sometimes known as Real-Time Automation in the UK) enjoy a 55% year-on-year improvement in staff utilisation rates[1] compared to those who haven’t.

ARTI (Automated Real-Time Intraday) identifies periods in the day when staff can be safely withdrawn from the front line to receive training or coaching without risking your service level. Better skills mean happier staff as well as better resolution rates and sales conversations.

Customer Satisfaction is also up

Customer satisfaction rates also improve so customers are happier. Independent research shows a 37% increase in customer satisfaction scores when Intraday Automation is implemented[1].

Happier customers, happier staff.

Intraday Automation pays its way

These same companies, which have implemented Intraday automation report a 3-fold increase in revenues[1].

What is Intraday Automation?

When the contact centre’s work (calls, emails, webchats etc) varies from forecast, and staff attendance is not what was expected on the day, the smart thing to do is to adapt the schedule received from the planning team and move people around to where they are needed.

But different people have different skills, preferences, contracts, schedules, breaks…and you might not be sure what work levels will be in 40 minutes time. Getting it right is tricky.

QStory’s Intraday Automation system, ARTI™, automates this challenging task. ARTI performs faster, better and more consistently than a human can, delivering the best possible outcomes.

  • ARTI empowers agents to update their availability directly
  • ARTI automatically reforecasts contact volumes and calculates expected service levels during the day
  • ARTI automatically spots staff shortages and sources staff to fill them
  • ARTI automatically spots staff surpluses and sets up offline work or training to increase productivity
  • ARTI automatically monitors schedule adherence for all staff
  • ARTI automatically manages voluntary overtime and voluntary time off
  • ARTI automatically writes reports, summarising performance and identifying root causes.

Best of all, ARTI is a very affordable SaaS system that works with your existing Workforce Management (WFM) planning systems and ACDs.

[1] Aberdeen Group, Analyst Insight:
The Strategic Value of Intraday Management in the Contact Centre, July 2013

QStory’s call centre software supported by the UK Government’s Innovate UK.

It’s About Time